In the Spirit of Art, Others Art Fair, Torino, It.

A collaborative participation/performance and installation in the ex-hospital. We have a waiting room that is all white. IMG_0416

I will be doing reading during the fair, 2-5 November,  using a new and updated tarot cards that I have created for this performance.  All 78 images are from my photographs.

The white cube will have two large b&w photographs by Roberta Marroquin. The floor will be covered with 10,000 red silk rose pedals. The table will have a long black table cloth and the room will be filled with flicking candles.

Corpus, a photograph by Roberta Marroquin,

Corpus, a photograph by Roberta Marroquin,


The Ouija board will be available for anyone to use.

Previously, 2015, we used a prison cell in the old prison.


If I’m, who are you? Oh, so sorry, why should anything happen?

Test cards and other props for performance in the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, October 1, 2017

Text cards and other props for performance in the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, October 1, 2017

Participation performance: The first performance will be October 1, 2017 in  the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Curated by Jeanette Doyle. IMG_0200 IMG_0265 IMG_0309 IMG_0315 IMG_0316

If I’m me, who are You?  Oh, so sorry.  Why should anything happen, to me.

Holly Crawford

Issues of “otherness,” identity, denial and history

Time: Approximately 20 minutes


I’ll walk around the space, a dimly lighted space, with an old suitcase with high end travel stickers. I’ll be well dressed wearing costume diamond and pearl jewelry.   Maybe I’ll sip some champagne. The cards, postcard size, has text one side and images on the front. There will be approximately 80 cards. I’ll look at them and say the text. I will then drop the cards on the floor, toss them or hand them to people.  During the performance, I will drop some of the jewelry.  (I handed out slips with the title and asked the audience to say that any time, softly, during my performance.   Their card will say: (1) If I’m me, who are you?, (2)  Why should anything happen, to me, or(3) Oh, so sorry.)

Material and sources:

The images are from photographs and objects that are in the public domain and under CC.  The places and events represented on the cards from things that we try to push to the back of our minds. A history that some deny.  A history that many want to forget. A history that others say is the past. It’s not. 

The images are of fragments of laws, such as the governmental law that removed the Native Americans from lands east of the Mississippi in 1830, the Treaty of Gaudalupe Haldigo Treaty that took the west from Mexico, photographs by Ansel Adams of Japanese Internment camps, Concentration camps, Armenian Holocaust, American segregation poster removed by my grandmother from a train car in Baltimore, and the wall encircling the Palestinians and other images. 

 Most of the text is based on the story of Austrian art Paul Cohen-Portheim who wrote about his experience in a British internment camp during WWI which was part of my research on enemy aliens. ( I discovered I  had a great-grandfather who also was caught up by being in the wrong place at the wrong time also during WWI. No one needed a passport until 1914 to travel. He was on holiday and trying to return to the US when the war broke out. Medals were made, by the internees, to commemorate their stay. I inherited a medal.  I gave an academic paper on this unknown history in April in Paris.)

Who I’m I?  My ancestors are Mennonite,  a McIntyre, Jews and ‘Mulatto.’ The Mennonites were persecuted in Basel, convicted imprisoned and moved to southern Germany, but were only allowed to farm.  I have a McIntyre who was born in NY in 1806.  Their lands were taken and told to live by the English. I have Jews that decided to be secular and great-grandmother who was listed a mulatto, an Anderson, from Virginia, whose family crossed the color line after the Civil War. These are just the ones I know about.  


Symblast -Detroit



One of my digital collaged photographs from One Day Art Detroit. I was assigned Gilda Radner and Eat This Detroit.   The entire project was published in the art magazine         t(here) in October/November by there media, NY.

Through the Cell Darkly, Turin 2015

Collaborative art installation in a cell in a former prison at the Others Art Fair, Stay Gold, Turin Italy. I created the installation that was changed daily and Roberta Marroquin took the photographs. I draped masses of white string, to appear to me webs, around the cell. Candles were light and the windows were blocked. Only three people at a time were allowed to entire the space with a small flashlight. The two heavy cell doors, that creaked, were then closed behind them. They looked at the space and the pictures of the prison that Marroquin took every night and were added the next day before the fair opened.

Through A Cell in  Time & Space Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair
Through A Cell, in Time & Space, Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair

We were interviewed several times and congratulated on using the cell as a cell. The prison was open from the late 1880s and closed in the early 2000. There is a long history of the prison that is posted on the next. It is a place filled with ghosts. People lined up to see this site specific installation. Over four long days approximately 1,000 people, that is a minimum number, saw this installation. Thank you!

inside the cell...detail


Art Alchemy, the other project listed here on a separate page, is a project that I did with people who were waiting in line to see Through the Cell Darkly. With the help of 80 participants, I transformed a gold envelop and black sealing wax into an art object that I then gifted back to the participants. I did not do this project on the last day.

Art Alchemy & the Gift Project, Turin, It. 2015 & Natlab, Eindhoven, NL 2017

Art Alchemy project...your money and my brain created this art object. 80 signed and dated and gifted back to participants in Turin.  Stay Gold, Others Art Fair, 2015

Art Alchemy project…your money and my brain created this art object. 80 signed and dated and gifted back to participants in Turin. Stay Gold, Others Art Fair, 2015


80 created and gifted back to the participant in Turn

20 created and gifted back to the participants in Eindhoven at the Economia festival

1 created in Amsterdam and 1 created in NYC

Regarding Warhol…Voice Over

Metropolitan Art Museum, NYCThis is an example of my Voice Over Projects.

Metropolitan Art Musem, NYC 9/11/12

(I meet the, now late, Bill Wilson today! We had a great time together.)


“Good morning…I’m Tony Campbell…when predicted…Andy is going to feed artists…profound…our time…the way…he …our world…him…every day…perfectly…he was everything and nothing…catalogue and audio guide…interpretations…good, bad, indifferent…thanks…foundations…the curators..richly textured…the Warhol effect…answer questions…to the stage…many hands…conceived five years…a team, four of us…show…five thematic…150 objects…third Warhol…subject matter…not simply commercial…portraiture…different…all of this creates a dialogue…many conversations going on…high quality this questions…what is…consuming images…appropriating..finally…no boundaries… artist…Warhol…please enjoy…”
Nowhere to sit, move on and out…keep moving
Campbell Soup Sponsored Lunch, Members Dining Room, 4th Floor

Economic Crisis Observatory

Economic Crisis Observatory: Atlantic City: Case Study of Service Economy


Economic Crisis Observatory Installation PhotosEconomic Crisis Observatory Installation PhotosEconomic Crisis Observatory Installation Photos

A small all book is also available. See books.


Alicia Munnell, Director, Center for Retirement Research, Boston College., Boston MA
David Certner, AARP
Ron Gebhardts, Senor Pension Fellow, American Academy of Actuaries
Karen Friedman, Pension Rights Center, Washington, DC

Interviews by George Crawford.
Videography: George Crawford and Holly Crawford

Economic Crisis Observatory by Holly Crawford. The ECO gathers, processes and makes proclamations based on observed economic data, theories and human behavior using text, video, and various tools. 

Project was installed at Beacon Art Center in Los Angeles

Punctuation Performance

Found Punctuation (Concrete Poetry)

Play along! Participate! Instructions for making those mysterious and interesting little black marks jump off the page are on the back. Found Punctuation comes alive.Instructions: Emily Dashing: You will need the black party blower and three party poppers. Practice blowing the black blower a couple of times. Now take out one of the poppers and practice popping it. Make sure to point it straight up.

You as the user agree that Emily Dickinson, Coleridge, Duchamp and Holly Crawford are not responsible for anything you might do.

Some examples of my concrete poetry.

__  __
  __ !
__ __
__ __ __
__ __ __
__ __
__ __
__ __
   __ __ !
Found Punctuation, Emily Dashing, 2002
Instructions for the other Found Punctuation that is on the new video.

Duchamp’s SurcenSure: You will have to practice rolling the tip of your tongue very quickly to represent all those dots as they speed by across the screen. For the explanation mark, just open your mouth and scream.  A note of caution: As the line in Duchamp’s poems says, “But take care!” Otherwise, enjoy!

Coleridge’s Youth and Age: You are now skilled enough for this performance. You will need the bottle of bubbles, the black blower, and your vocal chords. (Note: Party poppers may be substituted for your vocal chords. You will need 5 additional poppers.)  You might want to have a glass of wine or a sip of water before proceeding.

Hollow Dog: All you need is the bottle of bubbles. You have already familiarized yourself with this piece of equipment, so go ahead and dip the plastic wand into the bottle and gently blow bubbles in a smooth motion as the words and punctuation move across the bottom of the screen.

where,   where


This is from the bone. the bone is a long process poem consisting of found punctuation. It is an exporation in form, structure and connections. The process removed allbut the ultimate and underlying formal structure. the bone is the second part of a series that is based on the words, punctuation, and space of Clement Greenberg’s article Avant-Garde and Kitsch. The first part was dog days. The bone was written and first published in 1997. A review by Eliot Weinberger in Sulfur 37 stated that the editor of one anthology had “‘normalized'” Emily Dickinson’s punctuation. Poems are more than words. Everyone’s structures are different, but sometimes they’re thrown to the dogs.

. . , .
, , .

, .

– ?


– -, .

,, .


My first foray into the world of punctuation started more than ten years ago when I reduced Clement Greenburg to his punctuation. That minimalist act was followed by research into the history of punctuation and just how it might be ‘read.’  A participation performance was first done at Beyond Baroque. A participation video is in about to be released.   It is not a reenactment. The concrete  poems and visuals were selected and  designed specifically for this participation video.

Historically, for a Roman orator’s use of punctuation was a very  personal thing. He used his personal marks to tell him when to take a breath, what to emphasize, and when to stop talking.  There was no upper or lower case, no space between words or punctuation in written texts. Then around 900 A.D., the Irish monks inserted those little marks into their illuminated manuscripts.  Punctuation was complete formulized and peaked in it usage in the 1800s.  By the early 1900s less and less punctuation was being used.

The four concrete poems on my  DVD are: Hollow Dog; Emily Dashing;  Youth and Age  and the puncturation from Duchamp’s SurcenSure. 

Hollow Dog  is a poem that I assembled, in 1995, from the punctuation and the words that started with the letter h and d, from an essay written by artist Rosamond W. Purcell. In that article Purcell was discussing Allan Cullum work, where he made a cast of the missing dogs from the molds left by the dogs that died in Pompeii and the remains of Dutch dogs  from World War II.  She discusses his art and comments that she “missed the authentic object: the empty shell of the actual dog.”

Enact : Art in Mind

In 1970, 65 artists participated in a project called Art in the Mind, curated by Athena Tacha and published at Oberlin College, An early document of conceptual gestures, the catalog was the exhibition.

The intention of enact was to select a group of artists and writers whose interests are aligned with some aspect of the Art in the Mind exhibition in terms of a commitment to a conceptual framework for art, an active allegiance to performance , or an understanding that dialogue and exchange can be primary motivations for art-making.

Visit My Project:  Pinky and BlueBoy, (the Numbers) Game

Visit enact and view other artists.

Essence Of The Rock


Open for public viewing  October 28, 2013

Essence Of The Rock 2      Essence Of The Rock1     Essence Of The Rock

Geological find of the century has been uncovered.   Rare stalactites and stalagmites discovered in the lower levels of Rockefeller Center.  Over many years of drip, drip, drip, very tiny fragments of many things have filtered down through the cracks and spaces.  Small stalactites and stalagmites are not unusual in urban underground spaces.  You can see small ones in the subway near Rockefeller Center.  It is reported in Wikipedia, that stalactites and stalagmites can also form on concrete ceilings and floors and they form very rapidly.

Analysis has identified: aspirins, heartburn medicine, antidepressants, cocaine, money, alcohol, coffee grounds, condoms, hairpins, wires, carpet tacks, stamps, electronics, plastic, pencils, pens,  Christmas ornaments and lights, tickets, buttons, wax, corks, cigarettes, unspecified metal and concrete fragments and  many fragments of documents.  Of course, they are the tiniest fragments, but the most amazing geological formations. What comes through all the layers… the history, the pure essence of the Rock is in those forms.

The stalagmites and stalactites will only be on display for two weeks. Even though they are amazing finds and only recently revealed to the press, but economics mandates its removal now. Ground floor spaces at Rockefeller Center are some of the most expensive in NYC.  Offers have been made of the space.  At this time rumor has it that it is new location for flexible shared office space, fast food restaurant, a souvenir shop, or sock boutique.   Management did not want to discuss their negotiations. Discussions are under way with the Natural History Museum and the City of NYC for display of the stalactites and stalagmites.  They maybe too delicate to remove without destroying it, it seems very site specific.  There is nothing more to report at this time. –Holly Crawford

Engineer’s Office

Essence Of The Rock Essence Of The Rock Essence Of The Rock