Part of One Day Art-Detroit, May 20-21, 2016  as part of a project by t(here) ar magazine. Project will by published in Seltempber

The location was Defroit.

I was assigned a theme by t(here) magazine which was Gilda Radner and Eat This.

I did text and visual collage from digital photographs that I took in Detroit .

Here is how the collaged text starts:

she did a funny piece

she did a send up

she sat

I just loved it

you look like the lady who does my taxes

do you?

it’s a Detroit theme

it’s upside down

in God we trust

glad you made itimage


I spent 24 hours–one night and a day–taking digital photographs and then making collaged photographs from some of them in Detroit.  I also did  Voice Over which is  found text project that I had previously done in art museums and art galleries only. The project is a text collage of things that I over heard and a visual collage of the places that I visited in 24 hours.