Retrospective of Rineke Dijkstra, Museum Press Preview #1

Wednesday morning
June 28, 2012
Retrospective of Rineke Dijkstra, Guggenheim



“You’re late…


…painterly portraits…

identity not fixed…

a moment in becoming.

“In  conclusion    copies on the bench

audio tour with interviews of the  subjects…

a collaborative process…conversations…a panel in the fall….

the shows been extended….

Thank s for coming.”



13 large, but slightly smaller than human scale….all full frontal adolescences… mostly all young women, but one young man has just emerged from the waters. He’s still wet.

Teenagers…teenage girls most on the verge all posed with the wide open ocean and sky behind them.  Looking at the viewer before the jump into the depths?

Nice summer photographs of pretty young girls in simple bathing suits.  Nice summer exhibition for hot summer days spent wondering through cool museum galleries.

3 nudes full frontal …women, now mothers holding their new born babies very close.  They have become.  They are now mothers.

4 young bull fighters after the kill.  The moment has past.  Think about Michelangelo’s  statue of David. Golaith is dead. The bull is dead.  The bull fighter has removed his costume.  His shirt is lightly spattered with the blood of the bull.

Pictures of taken of several years of a man in the French Foreign Legion.  Does the French Foreign Legion really exist?  In the movies, years ago, men are always running away to join the French Foreign Legion. It’s the French army that stationed outside France in one of their colonial posts.  A remnant of French past.

Several  videos: Cute.  Cute young Dutch school children describing a painting?  Their all very cute and very white. Like the girls on the beach and the new mothers.

9 young, men and women,  Israelis  at induction center.  They are moving from becoming to becoming  4 Israelis soldiers in full armory with very large weapons.

A very white  world with few exceptions.

All on four floors.

–Holly Crawford