TRUMP is a Secret AI Robotic

FAXED to me by mistake this week. Who has a fax? It was weird. This is probably a hoax but decided it might not be and is too important not to disseminate. –Holly Crawford



TRUMP (Temporary Robotic Universal Machine Project)

Congratulations we pulled it off, but…

This series D.J AI human like robot has successfully passed for a human in limited circumstances, such as beauty pageants and the TV game show. We have kept it isolated until recently and we are trying to ban the media completely. President? What was someone in Department B thinking?! T.J thinks everyone is lying. T.J’s grasp of human interaction and reality is so limited and shaky. Reading is a problem. And who gave D.J a the cell phone! It is amazing but really flawed. As we know, some of our earlier visionaries are no longer with us. Other AI languages have immerged, like AIML, IPL and Prolog. D.J is mostly C++. IBM Watson is so much smarter and better, but it’s stuck in it box. Model D.J thinks “he” is in control and that “he” is human. Good but. The IT Specialist that have been assigned to D.J have tried to reboot the software but that did not work. Last month we thought we could just update its software but its drivers, its hardware, well as we all know it just too old. We were really hoping that would work, but need to rebuilt from the bottom up. We have to admit that our original software and hardware were very flawed, even before the obvious recent repeated breakdowns. This must be addressed before we move the project forward, if that is possible at this point. We need to program more empathy into the next model and better sense of reality. That is if there is funding to keep going. The revenue from the TV series was a great help, but “You’re fired.” That hair is a mess and the orange skin. Come on guys. It’s amazing it’s flying at all. Its fingers are too short. It really never made it out of the infant stage emotionally. The bio worked for the limited access we wanted and allowed Model T.J to bring in some money, but we never figured we might be tripped up on a tax return. It a robot! Robots don’t file tax returns. The do loop “it’s being audited,” was a good save but is wearing thin. And the Wall thing, really shows corrupted software issues. Maybe it’s been infected with MALWARE that we didn’t know about. We never figured it would go this far. The public, and especially, the media, are beginning to suspect something is very strange here. Ok, we all know that. It just one of the issues we have to figure out if we are going to make them better.

TRUMP JR. has many of the same flaws. It needs to be stopped before it starts getting more out of control than it has.

We are having an emergency meeting next week to discuss the problems. Don’t use email, it might be hacked. Be very careful. This is why I wrote this on a manual typewriter and faxed this to you.


Can it be fixed? Very unlikely but let’s discuss.

If it can how long will the patch last? (And I have to say that the #NeverTrump was a nice try but…)

It is evolving in ways we did not expect. We need to analyze how that happened.

How do we pull the plug?

Can we pull the plug?

Keep in mind that we are scientists! We’re not monsters and never wanted to make one. This can be fixed?

We think that Ivanka “Trump’s” cover is still holding for now. She is our more internal IT Specialist and but she has lost control.

This memo is for Team A only.

The other TEAMS don’t know that D.J is AI robot.

Not to be distributed to any other persons.

Please destroy after reading.

Symblast -Detroit



One of my digital collaged photographs from One Day Art Detroit. I was assigned Gilda Radner and Eat This Detroit.  My project also includes Voice Over text which is over heard conversations.  The entire project will be published in the art magazine t(here) in September.

Through the Cell Darkly, Turin 2015

Collaborative art installation in a cell in a former prison at the Others Art Fair, Stay Gold, Turin Italy. I created the installation that was changed daily and Roberta Marroquin took the photographs. I draped masses of white string, to appear to me webs, around the cell. Candles were light and the windows were blocked. Only three people at a time were allowed to entire the space with a small flashlight. The two heavy cell doors, that creaked, were then closed behind them. They looked at the space and the pictures of the prison that Marroquin took every night and were added the next day before the fair opened.

Through A Cell in  Time & Space Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair
Through A Cell, in Time & Space, Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair

We were interviewed several times and congratulated on using the cell as a cell. The prison was open from the late 1880s and closed in the early 2000. There is a long history of the prison that is posted on the next. It is a place filled with ghosts. People lined up to see this site specific installation. Over four long days approximately 1,000 people, that is a minimum number, saw this installation. Thank you!

inside the cell...detail


Art Alchemy, the other project listed here on a separate page, is a project that I did with people who were waiting in line to see Through the Cell Darkly. With the help of 80 participants, I transformed a gold envelop and black sealing wax into an art object that I then gifted back to the participants. I did not do this project on the last day.

Regarding Warhol…Voice Over

Metropolitan Art Museum, NYCThis is an example of my Voice Over Projects.

Metropolitan Art Musem, NYC 9/11/12

(I meet the, now late, Bill Wilson today! We had a great time together.)


“Good morning…I’m Tony Campbell…when predicted…Andy is going to feed artists…profound…our time…the way…he …our world…him…every day…perfectly…he was everything and nothing…catalogue and audio guide…interpretations…good, bad, indifferent…thanks…foundations…the curators..richly textured…the Warhol effect…answer questions…to the stage…many hands…conceived five years…a team, four of us…show…five thematic…150 objects…third Warhol…subject matter…not simply commercial…portraiture…different…all of this creates a dialogue…many conversations going on…high quality this questions…what is…consuming images…appropriating..finally…no boundaries… artist…Warhol…please enjoy…”
Nowhere to sit, move on and out…keep moving
Campbell Soup Sponsored Lunch, Members Dining Room, 4th Floor

Orphans Offered Up

“But, art as a practical precedent is forever young and physically here with us. Works of art, as theoretical constructs, hold their place in a field of knowledge. As historical artifacts, they speak of ancestry and parental origins. As practical precedents, works of art are orphans, ready to be adopted, nurtured and groomed to the needs to any astonishing new circumstances.”—Dave Hickey, “Orphans,” Art in America, January 2009

Orphans, 2009, oil on canvas, 4”x 4”

This project is a variation of another conceptual project that I started in 2004—Open Adoption for Art.  I took out an announcement and had an installation at the Pool Art Fair.  I made people a gift a painting, with a contract, for up to a year. This project is now complete.

Holly Crawford, NYC 2010


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Economic Crisis Observatory

Economic Crisis Observatory: Atlantic City: Case Study of Service Economy


Economic Crisis Observatory Installation PhotosEconomic Crisis Observatory Installation PhotosEconomic Crisis Observatory Installation Photos

A small all book is also available. See books.


Alicia Munnell, Director, Center for Retirement Research, Boston College., Boston MA
David Certner, AARP
Ron Gebhardts, Senor Pension Fellow, American Academy of Actuaries
Karen Friedman, Pension Rights Center, Washington, DC

Interviews by George Crawford.
Videography: George Crawford and Holly Crawford

Economic Crisis Observatory by Holly Crawford. The ECO gathers, processes and makes proclamations based on observed economic data, theories and human behavior using text, video, and various tools. 

Project was installed at Beacon Art Center in Los Angeles

Entropy Slices


undefined{S} 0073

God said,

we understand

let the earth produce every kind of living creature;

cattle, reptiles, and every kind of wild beast

The Marshall, baseball, Chicago Tonight, School’s Out,

Rockford Files,

The 700 Club

don’t worry about it

bring along a few dollars or francs for a cool drink

and so it was

Punctuation Performance

Found Punctuation (Concrete Poetry)

Play along! Participate! Instructions for making those mysterious and interesting little black marks jump off the page are on the back. Found Punctuation comes alive.Instructions: Emily Dashing: You will need the black party blower and three party poppers. Practice blowing the black blower a couple of times. Now take out one of the poppers and practice popping it. Make sure to point it straight up.

You as the user agree that Emily Dickinson, Coleridge, Duchamp and Holly Crawford are not responsible for anything you might do.

Some examples of my concrete poetry.

__  __
  __ !
__ __
__ __ __
__ __ __
__ __
__ __
__ __
   __ __ !
Found Punctuation, Emily Dashing, 2002
Instructions for the other Found Punctuation that is on the new video.

Duchamp’s SurcenSure: You will have to practice rolling the tip of your tongue very quickly to represent all those dots as they speed by across the screen. For the explanation mark, just open your mouth and scream.  A note of caution: As the line in Duchamp’s poems says, “But take care!” Otherwise, enjoy!

Coleridge’s Youth and Age: You are now skilled enough for this performance. You will need the bottle of bubbles, the black blower, and your vocal chords. (Note: Party poppers may be substituted for your vocal chords. You will need 5 additional poppers.)  You might want to have a glass of wine or a sip of water before proceeding.

Hollow Dog: All you need is the bottle of bubbles. You have already familiarized yourself with this piece of equipment, so go ahead and dip the plastic wand into the bottle and gently blow bubbles in a smooth motion as the words and punctuation move across the bottom of the screen.

where,   where


This is from the bone. the bone is a long process poem consisting of found punctuation. It is an exporation in form, structure and connections. The process removed allbut the ultimate and underlying formal structure. the bone is the second part of a series that is based on the words, punctuation, and space of Clement Greenberg’s article Avant-Garde and Kitsch. The first part was dog days. The bone was written and first published in 1997. A review by Eliot Weinberger in Sulfur 37 stated that the editor of one anthology had “‘normalized’” Emily Dickinson’s punctuation. Poems are more than words. Everyone’s structures are different, but sometimes they’re thrown to the dogs.

. . , .
, , .

, .

- ?


- -, .

,, .


My first foray into the world of punctuation started more than ten years ago when I reduced Clement Greenburg to his punctuation. That minimalist act was followed by research into the history of punctuation and just how it might be ‘read.’  A participation performance was first done at Beyond Baroque. A participation video is in about to be released.   It is not a reenactment. The concrete  poems and visuals were selected and  designed specifically for this participation video.

Historically, for a Roman orator’s use of punctuation was a very  personal thing. He used his personal marks to tell him when to take a breath, what to emphasize, and when to stop talking.  There was no upper or lower case, no space between words or punctuation in written texts. Then around 900 A.D., the Irish monks inserted those little marks into their illuminated manuscripts.  Punctuation was complete formulized and peaked in it usage in the 1800s.  By the early 1900s less and less punctuation was being used.

The four concrete poems on my  DVD are: Hollow Dog; Emily Dashing;  Youth and Age  and the puncturation from Duchamp’s SurcenSure. 

Hollow Dog  is a poem that I assembled, in 1995, from the punctuation and the words that started with the letter h and d, from an essay written by artist Rosamond W. Purcell. In that article Purcell was discussing Allan Cullum work, where he made a cast of the missing dogs from the molds left by the dogs that died in Pompeii and the remains of Dutch dogs  from World War II.  She discusses his art and comments that she “missed the authentic object: the empty shell of the actual dog.”

Enact : Art in Mind

In 1970, 65 artists participated in a project called Art in the Mind, curated by Athena Tacha and published at Oberlin College, An early document of conceptual gestures, the catalog was the exhibition.

The intention of enact was to select a group of artists and writers whose interests are aligned with some aspect of the Art in the Mind exhibition in terms of a commitment to a conceptual framework for art, an active allegiance to performance , or an understanding that dialogue and exchange can be primary motivations for art-making.

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