The Silence Drew Off, Laughing With Medusa

#1, 2019 monotype with wc

The work deals with power and a myth that celebrates power. The power to rape, abuse and murder.

Medusa was a guardian of Athena’s temple. She was a mortal. She was raped by Poseidon. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, blamed her. And because she allowed herself to be raped she brought shame to Athena and so Athena turned her into a mortal Gordon. Athena than told Perseus how to murder her. She gave birth to Pegasus when she was murdered.

This myth seems current. Has nothing changed. Yes, now with MeToo women are not alone and isolated when something happens to them.

9×12 WC, 2019

They were first created during the Dirty Practice residency, directed by Christian Mieves, at the Art School, University of Wolverhampton, UK July 2019.

#2 WC and pencil (text)

This ongoing series references Medusa and the French Feminist Theory–Laughing with Medusa. There are more than 200 watercolors and colored pencil on archival paper in various sizes.

Three works.

I have added an layer to this work. It is for sale on Artsy, but I will donate 25% of the gross to a charity of the collectors choice. One that help! One that is not in anyway related to the collector. This collaboration will be documented. Why? Because they deal with power to rape, abuse and murder and celebrate that myth.

Installation Cable Depot, UK curated by Alessandra Falbo, Darling Pearls, UK, November 29-February 2.

Exhibition history:

Installation, Darling Pearls, UK. March 14 (opening reception).

Installation of 200+ works, Cable Depot, UK curated by Alessandra Falbo of Darling Pearls, November 29, 2019-February 2, 2020 (In conjunction with 4 video artists around the theme of the unicorn.)

Works is also for sale on Artsy by FIAC and Darling Pearls.

The project continues, 2023- present, sculpture Medusas from porcelain. They’re tiny.