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In the Spirit of Art

Installations were  different

2023, Platform, Athens Greece with Doug Harvey and Jeffery Vallance

2015, Turin, Italy Roberta Marroquin

An interactive performance. The installation was in the ex-hospital’s waiting room in Turin.

Turin, Waiting Room, Decommissioned Hospital

I did a 3 tarot card  reading during the fair, using a new and updated tarot cards that I have created for this performance with my photos.  No negative readings.

The large b&w photographs by Roberta Marroquin. The floor was  covered with 10,000 red silk rose pedals. The table will have a long black table cloth and the room had flicking candles.

One of the readings. The person strove to see. Very independent. Currently very excited about life and life will be fruitful and abundant. At least today and tonight.

Through the Cell Darkly, Turin 2015


Through A Cell in Time & Space Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair
Through A Cell, in Time & Space, Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair

Site specific  art installation in a cell in a former prison at the Others Art Fair, Stay Gold, Turin Italy. The images are from other locations in  the prison.   I created the installation that was changed daily and Roberta Marroquin took the photographs. I draped masses of white string, to appear to me webs, around the cell. Candles were light and the windows were blocked. Only three people at a time were allowed to entire the space with a small flashlight. The two heavy cell doors, that creaked, were then closed behind them. They looked at the space and the pictures of the prison that Marroquin took every night and were added the next day before the fair opened.

We were interviewed several times and congratulated on using the cell as a cell. The prison was open from the late 1880s and closed in the early 2000. There is a long history of the prison that is posted on the next. It is a place filled with ghosts. People lined up to see this site specific installation. Over four long days approximately 1,000 people, that is a minimum number, saw this installation. Thank you!

inside the cell...detail


Art Alchemy, the other project listed here is on  separate page. I tried it our here for the first time. It  is a project that I did with people who were waiting in line to see Through the Cell Darkly. 80 people participated and  I transformed a gold envelop and black sealing wax into an art object that I then gifted back to the participants.