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In the Spirit of Art

Installations were  different

2023, Platform, Athens Greece with Doug Harvey and Jeffery Vallance

2015, Turin, Italy Roberta Marroquin

An interactive performance. The installation was in the ex-hospital’s waiting room in Turin.

Turin, Waiting Room, Decommissioned Hospital

I did a 3 tarot card  reading during the fair, using a new and updated tarot cards that I have created for this performance with my photos.  No negative readings.

The large b&w photographs by Roberta Marroquin. The floor was  covered with 10,000 red silk rose pedals. The table will have a long black table cloth and the room had flicking candles.

One of the readings. The person strove to see. Very independent. Currently very excited about life and life will be fruitful and abundant. At least today and tonight.

I’m…who are you? Oh, so sorry, why should anything happen to me?

Test cards and other props for performance in the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, October 1, 2017
Text cards and other props for performance in the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennial, October 1, 2017

Interactive performance:

  1. The first performance will be October 1, 2017 in  the Research Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Curated by Jeanette Doyle. 
    IMG_0265 IMG_0309 IMG_0315 I’m… who are You?  Oh, so sorry.  Why should anything happen, to me.

Issues of “other,” privilege, denial. It’s easy to become other. 

Time: Approximately 20 minutes

2. Performance and Artist Talk, Dirty Art Practice, Art School, University of Wolverhampton, UK,  July 4, 2019.

Performance: I’ll walk around the space, a dimly lighted space, with an old suitcase with high end travel stickers. I’ll be well dressed wearing costume diamond and pearl jewelry.   Maybe I’ll sip some champagne.  I’ll look at the newspaper and drop it. The cards, postcard size, has text one side and images on the front. There will be approximately 80 cards. I’ll look at them and say the text. I will then drop the cards on the floor, toss them or hand them to people. I’ll ask someone  to read one.  During the performance, I will drop some of the jewelry.  Their card will say: (1)  Who are you?, (2)  Why should anything happen, to me, or(3) Oh, so sorry.)

Material and sources:

The images are from photographs and objects that are in the public domain and under CC.  The places and events represented on the cards from things that we try to push to the back of our minds. A history that some deny.  A history that many want to forget. A history that others say is the past. It’s not. 

The images are of fragments of laws, such as the governmental law that removed the Native Americans from lands east of the Mississippi in 1830, the Treaty of Gaudalupe Haldigo Treaty that took the west from Mexico, photographs by Ansel Adams of Japanese Internment camps, Concentration camps, Armenian Holocaust, American segregation poster removed by my grandmother from a train car in Baltimore, and the wall encircling the Palestinians and other images. 

 Most of the text is based on the story of Austrian art Paul Cohen-Portheim who wrote about his experience in a British internment camp during WWI which was part of my research on enemy aliens, but it plays with privilege too.   ( I discovered I  had a great-grandfather who also was caught up by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Who I’m I?  My ancestors are Mennonite,  a McIntyre, Jews and ‘Mulatto.’ The Mennonites were persecuted in Basel, convicted imprisoned and moved to southern Germany, but were only allowed to farm.  I have a McIntyre who was born in NY in 1806.  And many others. 


Ants on a Shrimp, Thoughts


Interactive performance on issues of creativity at the Arena Theatre, September 23. It was as part of Dirty Practice, The Role of the Artist’s Studio, Residency and Symposium at  University of Wolverhampton School of Art

The text was broken into 126 text size postcards. The text on one side and collage that I created on the other side. The postcards were gifts for people who attended. During the performance I moved through the audience, snuggled up, and asked them on occasion to read what was on the card. The cards where then handed to them or if I read the card I tossed it at the audience or dropped on the floor.

Selected Text:

Where the hell are we?


Let’s have fun.

Everyday is a grind.

Let’s have fun.


We’ll see

Through the Cell Darkly, Turin 2015


Through A Cell in Time & Space Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair
Through A Cell, in Time & Space, Darkly, Prison Cell Installation by Holly Crawford photographs by Roberta Marroquin, Torino Italy, Stay Gold Art Fair

Site specific  art installation in a cell in a former prison at the Others Art Fair, Stay Gold, Turin Italy. The images are from other locations in  the prison.   I created the installation that was changed daily and Roberta Marroquin took the photographs. I draped masses of white string, to appear to me webs, around the cell. Candles were light and the windows were blocked. Only three people at a time were allowed to entire the space with a small flashlight. The two heavy cell doors, that creaked, were then closed behind them. They looked at the space and the pictures of the prison that Marroquin took every night and were added the next day before the fair opened.

We were interviewed several times and congratulated on using the cell as a cell. The prison was open from the late 1880s and closed in the early 2000. There is a long history of the prison that is posted on the next. It is a place filled with ghosts. People lined up to see this site specific installation. Over four long days approximately 1,000 people, that is a minimum number, saw this installation. Thank you!

inside the cell...detail


Art Alchemy, the other project listed here is on  separate page. I tried it our here for the first time. It  is a project that I did with people who were waiting in line to see Through the Cell Darkly. 80 people participated and  I transformed a gold envelop and black sealing wax into an art object that I then gifted back to the participants.

Art Alchemy & the Gift Project: Turin, It. 2015, Natlab, Eindhoven, NL 2017 & Platforms, Athens Greece 2019

Art Alchemy and the Gift project…your money, or object,  and my brain created this art object. 80 signed and dated and gifted back to participants in Turin. Stay Gold, Others Art Fair, 2015


2015: Others Art Fair,  Turn, Italy, 2015

2017: Economia, NatLab   Eindhoven, NL.

2017 & 2018: 1 created in Amsterdam and 1 created in NYC

2019:  Platforms, Athens Greece, 2019

Approximately 175 have been created.

Objects instead of money: ancient coin, engagement ring, bus pass, museum pass, letters–to children, boyfriend and their future self, ring from a grandmother, hair ribbon from a grandmother, receipt, drawing, art postcards and many other things.