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Art Alchemy & the Gift Project: Turin, It. 2015, Natlab, Eindhoven, NL 2017 & Platforms, Athens Greece 2019

Art Alchemy and the Gift project…your money, or object,  and my brain created this art object. 80 signed and dated and gifted back to participants in Turin. Stay Gold, Others Art Fair, 2015


2015: Others Art Fair,  Turn, Italy, 2015

2017: Economia, NatLab   Eindhoven, NL.

2017 & 2018: 1 created in Amsterdam and 1 created in NYC

2019:  Platforms, Athens Greece, 2019

Approximately 175 have been created.

Objects instead of money: ancient coin, engagement ring, bus pass, museum pass, letters–to children, boyfriend and their future self, ring from a grandmother, hair ribbon from a grandmother, receipt, drawing, art postcards and many other things.