Orphans Offered Up

“But, art as a practical precedent is forever young and physically here with us. Works of art, as theoretical constructs, hold their place in a field of knowledge. As historical artifacts, they speak of ancestry and parental origins. As practical precedents, works of art are orphans, ready to be adopted, nurtured and groomed to the needs to any astonishing new circumstances.”—Dave Hickey, “Orphans,” Art in America, January 2009

Orphans, 2009, oil on canvas, 4”x 4”

This project is a variation of another conceptual project that I started in 2004—Open Adoption for Art.  I took out an announcement and had an installation at the Pool Art Fair.  I made people a gift a painting, with a contract, for up to a year. This project is now complete.

Holly Crawford, NYC 2010


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