In the Spirit of Art


2023, Platform, Athens Greece with Doug Harvey and Jeffery Vallance

2015, Turin, Italy Roberta Marroquin

An interactive performance. The installation was in the ex-hospital’s waiting room in Turin.

I did a 3 tarot card  reading during the fair, using a new and updated tarot cards that I have created for this performance.  All images are from my photographs.

The white cube will have two large b&w photographs by Roberta Marroquin. The floor will be covered with 10,000 red silk rose pedals. The table will have a long black table cloth and the room had flicking candles.

Previously, in 2015, used a prison cell in an old prison in Torino.

One of the readings. The person strove to see. Very independent. Currently very excited about life and life will be fruitful and abundant. At least today and tonight.