#1, U.S. Consulate Gallery, Florence, 2002

“ ‘Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird’ is a way of declaring that no blackbird exists and that instead there are only varieties of imaginary perspective that may bring blackbirds into being.” Harold Rosenburg, The Anxious Object Dali once quipped, “that the least one can ask of a piece of sculpture is not to move….”

“Things fall apart. Get used to it.” Yeats

Creation and destruction, time and change, impermanence, indeterminacy, the ordinary.This is a site specific installation, de-installation, participation performance. The de-installation is a deconstruction. Pins will be made available to pop the balloons simultaneously at the de-installation. An opening and closing could even happen on the same day, but the life span of this project is five days in Florence.

The balloons have a predetermined shape, but are still unique
When massed each sculpture is unique and different every time.
The skin of each balloon changes over time as does the mass.
Temperature and movements of air will affect each balloon and the mass.
This sculpture is not permanent.
I am not permanent.

Each installation is unique. I construct the temporary sculpture on site from black latex balloons. They popped at one moment at the end.

The installation in Florence, consists of approximately 1,700 balloons massed in four different sculptural formations.

Holly Crawford, copyrighted 2002


13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, Florence Italy 2/2002


Black Twisters &
Onyx Eggs, Florence

Black Airship Bed &
Twisters, Florence

Black Onyx Twisters
Haystack, Florence

Haystack, Black
Eggs & Airships
on a string.

Black Airships on
a String & bed,

Black Eggs 5s
& 9s, Florence

Black Eggs 5s
& 9s, Florence