TRUMP is a Secret A (UN-I) Robot

FAXED to me by mistake this week. Who has a fax? It was weird. This is probably a hoax but decided it might not be and is too important not to disseminate. –Holly Crawford



TRUMP (Temporary Robotic Universal Machine Project)

Congratulations we pulled it off, but…

This series D.J A(UN-I) human like robot has successfully passed for a human in limited circumstances, such as beauty pageants and the TV game show. We have kept it isolated until recently and we are trying to ban the media completely. President? What was someone in Department B thinking?! T.J thinks everyone is lying. T.J’s grasp of human interaction and reality is so limited and shaky. Reading is a problem. And who gave D.J a the cell phone! It is amazing but really flawed. As we know, some of our earlier visionaries are no longer with us. Other AI languages have immerged, like AIML, IPL and Prolog. D.J is mostly C++. IBM Watson is so much smarter and better, but it’s stuck in it box. Model D.J thinks “he” is in control and that “he” is human. Good but. The IT Specialist that have been assigned to D.J have tried to reboot the software but that did not work. Last month we thought we could just update its software but its drivers, its hardware, well as we all know it just too old. We were really hoping that would work, but need to rebuilt from the bottom up. We have to admit that our original software and hardware were very flawed, even before the obvious recent repeated breakdowns. This must be addressed before we move the project forward, if that is possible at this point. We need to program more empathy into the next model and better sense of reality. That is if there is funding to keep going. The revenue from the TV series was a great help, but “You’re fired.” That hair is a mess and the orange skin. Come on guys. It’s amazing it’s flying at all. Its fingers are too short. It really never made it out of the infant stage emotionally. The bio worked for the limited access we wanted and allowed Model T.J to bring in some money, but we never figured we might be tripped up on a tax return. It a robot! Robots don’t file tax returns. The do loop “it’s being audited,” was a good save but is wearing thin. And the Wall thing, really shows corrupted software issues. Maybe it’s been infected with MALWARE that we didn’t know about. We never figured it would go this far. The public, and especially, the media, are beginning to suspect something is very strange here. Ok, we all know that. It just one of the issues we have to figure out if we are going to make them better.

TRUMP JR. has many of the same flaws. It needs to be stopped before it starts getting more out of control than it has.

We are having an emergency meeting next week to discuss the problems. Don’t use email, it might be hacked. Be very careful. This is why I wrote this on a manual typewriter and faxed this to you.


Can it be fixed? Very unlikely but let’s discuss.

If it can how long will the patch last? (And I have to say that the #NeverTrump was a nice try but…)

It is evolving in ways we did not expect. We need to analyze how that happened.

How do we pull the plug?

Can we pull the plug?

Keep in mind that we are scientists! We’re not monsters and never wanted to make one. This can be fixed?

We think that Ivanka “Trump’s” cover is still holding for now. She is our more internal IT Specialist and but she has lost control.

This memo is for Team A only.

The other TEAMS don’t know that D.J is AI robot.

Not to be distributed to any other persons.

Please destroy after reading.